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After the establishment of National Sports Trust in 1972, Federal Government felt necessity to establish sports training facilities in provincial headquarters of country. The objective was to provide the training to players in diverse environments and to enhance the ability of players for taking part in competitions of national and international level. For this purpose, like other headquarters a portion of land measuring 4.65 Acres was also acquired (sub leased) by NST from provincial Government. 

After the merger of National Sports Trust with Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) in 1980 Peshawar Stadium was also transferred to Pakistan Sports Board. To develop a piece of land (Peshawar Stadium) into a standard sports facility a scheme for construction of Gymnasium Hall, Mini Hall, Squash Courts, Sportsmen Hostel and Warden Residence was initiated. 

The scheme was approved by CDWP in 1983 for amounting to Rs.16.423 Million. The construction work was initiated in 1985 and completed in 1990. In 1988 the Peshawar Stadium was re-designated as National Sports Training and Coaching Centre Peshawar and later on as PSB Coaching Centre Peshawar.

The premise of PSB Coaching Centre Peshawar is situated near Bara Road adjacent to Peshawar Sports Complex, Peshawar. 

Sports Facilties

The premises occupy an area  of 4.65 Acres and comprises of the following  sports facilities:-

  • Multipurpose Gymnasium Hall
  • Mini Sports Hall
  • Squash Court
  • Cemented Hall
  • Players Hostel
  • Hostel’s Warden Residence
  • Tube Well


Multi-purpose Gymnasium

A unique Multi-purpose sports facility in province which can accommodate 2000 spectators. Lighting systems is also provided so that hall can be utilized at evening / night time.

Many indoor games can be played at this venue, i.e. Volleyball, Basketball, Futsal, Badminton, Judo, Taekwondo etc.

The facility is equipped with:-

  • Wooden floor Hall – 70’-9” x 113’-0”
  • Spectators stand – 2000 Capacity
  • Toilet Block
  • Player’s and Official Rooms
  • Offices
  • Cafeteria


Mini Sports Hall

Mini Sports Hall is constructed to provide practice / training facility to players.

It can be used as practice venue for badminton, judo, and table tennis games.

The facility is equipped with:-

  • Wooden Floor Hall -      50’ x 40’
  • Lighting systems is also provided so that hall can be utilized at evening / night time.
Squash Courts  

Squash Court facility is standard sports facility and is used to provide training facility to young squash players. PSB Squash Academy has been established at this venue and through this academy many young players have been produced.

The facility is equipped with:-

  • Two Squash Courts with wooden flooring, glass walls and front walls.
  • Spectators Seating Capacity – 500 spectators
Sportsmen Hostel  

Player’s hostel is used to provide accommodation facility to players & officials.

The facility can accommodate 72 players, 16 officials & 02 VIP’s at a time.

The facility is equipped with:-

  • 12 dormitories (Large Rooms)
  • 08 double bed rooms with attach baths
  • One VIP room
  • Store
  • Washroom Blocks
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Hall
  • TV Lounge



Cemented Hall

The facility is used to provide training to table tennis players.

The facility is equipped with:-

  • The size of hall is 40’ x 70’
  • Cemented floor



Warden's Residence

To facilitate the in charge of hostel warden residence facility has been created within the premises of center.

The facility comprised of :

  • Two bed rooms with attach Washrooms
  •  One TV lounge
  •  One Drawing Room
  •  Kitchen



Contract Information

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Bara Road,
Peshawar Cantt.

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