Repair of Sui Gas Pipe Lines




Kashmir Highway, Near Aabara, Islamabad


         Repair, rectification and replacement of Sui Gas Pipeline Network at Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad including material, fusion, welding, commissioning and related works".

2.       Pakistan Sports Board, Government Organization invites sealed bids from the Civil Engineering Contracting Firms enlisted in C-6 category of relevant field of PEC and also registered with high pressure contractor of SNGPL for the Year 2020 and duly registered with Income Tax / Sales Tax Departments on ATL of FBR and having minimum 5 years of experience related to repair, rectification and replacement of high pressure gas pipeline, etc.

3.       Bidding documents, containing detailed terms and conditions, method of procurement, procedure for submission of bids, bid Security, bid validity, opening of bid, evaluation criteria clarification / rejection of bids, performance guarantee black listing etc. are available at the office of undersigned. Price of bidding documents is Rs.1,000/- (non refundable/pay order in favour of DG,PSB.

4.        Bids proposal in accordance with the instructions in the bidding documents, single stage (two envelopes) must reach to P&D Section of PSB on or before 6th April, 2020 by 02:00 pm. Technical bids will be opened on the same day at 02:30 pm. This advertisement is also available on PSB website and PPRA website

(Sarfraz Rasool) 
Assistant Engineer (Civil)
Pakistan Sports Board
Kashmir Highway, Islamabad.
Phone: 051-9249084 Fax: 0519249007