Rehabilitation & Up-Gradation Of Existing Facilities At Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad for Participation / Hosting Of South Asian Games 2021-22





The Pakistan Sports Board, Islamabad invites applications from the already Prequalified Firms for the project titled “REHABILITATION & UP-GRADATION OF EXISTING FACILITIES AT PAKISTAN SPORTS COMPLEX, ISLAMABAD FOR PARTICIPATION / HOSTING OF SOUTH ASIAN GAMES 2021-22for the execution of the following sub heads: -


Name of Project
PEC Cat. & above
Last date for
Date & Time for
submission of bids
Date & Time
for opening of bids
Cost of Tender
1. Jinnah Stadium (Internal Works) C3




















19-04-2022 hours


2. Jinnah Stadium (External Works) C4 Rs.7,000/-
3. Allama Iqbal Hostel C4 Rs.7,000/-
4. Liaquat Gymnasium C5 Rs.5,000/-
5. Jamia Masjid C6 Rs.5,000/-
6. Head Office Building C6 Rs.5,000/-
7. Boxing Gymnasium C6 Rs.5,000/-
8. Sports Medicine Centre C6 Rs.5,000/-
9. Grassy Futsal Ground C6 Rs.5,000/-
10. External Electrification C6 Rs.5,000/-
11. Naseer Bunda Hockey Stadium C6 Rs.5,000/-
12. Extension of Hamidi Hall C6 Rs.3,000/-


The bidding documents can be purchased from the office of undersigned (in shape of bank draft/pay order non-refundable) in the favour of Director General, Pakistan Sports Board on any working day during office hours. Interested parties are required to furnish their applications along with the following information and documents: -



Name, Address, Telephone / Fax, Email address & branches office, if any, National Tax Number / Proof of firm on ATL, Registration with professional bodies i.e. PEC.



In case of a bid/rate quoted by the bidder more than 10% below engineer estimate, the additional bid security shall be sought from the successful bidder only up to the extent of a bid below 10% in the form of CDR. In such an event, the successful bidder shall be bound to produce the additional bid security within seven (07) days from the issuance of letter of acceptance failing which the Client / Procuring Agency shall forfeit the bid security of the successful bidder and may initiate legal action against the bidder.



The bid must be accompanied with earnest money @ 3% of the total estimated cost in the form of call deposit/bank draft (Refundable) drawn in the favour of Director General, Pakistan Sports Board, Islamabad.



The bids complete in all respects, in accordance with the instructions provided in the bidding documents should reach in sealed envelopes. In case, the tenders are not opened/received on 19-04-2022 due to any reasons, then the same will be received and opened on 22-04-2022 at 1100 & 1130 hours respectively. While other terms and condition remained same.



The competent authority reserves the right to reject all bids or proposals at any stage, subject to relevant provision bids as per PPRA Rules 33(1).




Executive Engineer

Pakistan Sports Board, Sri Nagar (Kashmir) Highway, Aabpara, Islamabad.

Phone: 051-9249027 Fax: 051-9249007