Press Release

Islamabad: 30th August, 2016: One of the reasons for declining in standard of sports in Pakistan is that no emphasis has been laid on grooming of youth in the past. It is an admitted fact that training and coaching is a long term process and our youth is required to be trained on scientific lines at a young age.

The financial year 2016-17 has already started and PSB is preparing its budget to define our goals to raise the standard of sports with significant importance on the training.

While Pakistan Sports Board would like to extend maximum possible financial and administrative support to the National Sports Federations, we also urge upon the federations to prepare a comprehensive training plan for the next Olympic Games-2020 with covering the following aspects:-

a. Training plan for U-16 sportspersons.
b. Training plan for Junior sportspersons.
c. Training plan for Senior teams.

This programme will help us in producing a core of budding sportspersons to replace our stalwarts as well as overall improvement in our standard of sports to bring laurels and glory for our country.

After this training plan, Pakistan Sports Board will be able to explore the sources in the light of the training plan and also help the respective National Sports Federations in designing the 4 years plan with the help of its experts.


Director (Media)
Pakistan Sports Board