Press Release

2nd Day of National Sports Conference 2012

Islamabad, 29th June, 2012: The two days National Sports Conference 2012, continued on the second day in which speakers analysed the reasons for the steep declining of sports in the country. Recommendations and remedial measures were also proposed. Main focus was made on the establishment of National Sports Academies, involvement of Corporate Sector for the promotion of sports. The speakers emphasised that the talent hunt programs should be started from grass-root level.

While addressing the first session of the conference, DDG R&T, Dr. Waqar Ahmed talked about the history of Anti-Doping Organization of Pakistan (ADOP) in the country. He explained that ADOP was established in 2008, with prime objectives to fight against doping, transparency and fairness in competitions, to ensure the safety of player’s health and create awareness and guidance for the players under the rules of Olympic Games. He informed that Pakistan Anti-Doping Organization is launching a nation wide volunteer program very soon for awareness of the anti doping rules at District and Tehsil level for the sportspersons.

In the second session, Mr. Shehnaz Sheikh, a hockey celebrity suggested that glory of past can only be regained if the subject of sports be attached with Education Ministry.

Mr. Anis ul Hasnain Musavi, Federal Secretary IPC chaired the concluding session of the conference. He distributed certificates among the participants. DG, PSB, Dr. M. Akhter Nawaz Ganjera, Ex-DG, PSB, Brig ® Arif Mehmood Siddiqui, and Shehnaz Sheikh also distributed the certificates among the participants.

Prior to the distribution of certificates, Ex DG, PSB Brig ® Arif Siddiqui gave presentation for the revival of sports in Pakistan. He explained that the sports has become 2nd biggest industry of the world but parents and teachers in Pakistan are not playing their due role for the preparation of their children as sportspersons. During the presentation, Mr. Siddiqui also presented the track record of Pakistan victory in sports at international level. He also appreciated Late Brig. Rodham, Brig. Hamidi, A. H. Kardar for their tremendous efforts in the field of sports. He proposed that PSB should be restricted to add any new federation as a political bribe. He admitted that we lack in implementing the decisions.

Muhammad Shahid
Director (PR&MM),
Pakistan Sports Board,