Press Release

PSB releases 3rd Quarter Grant of NSFs

Islamabad 20th January, 2010: Pakistan Sports Board releases 3rd Quarter Grant on account of Annual Grant for the year 2009-10 Annual grants of National Sports Federations for the Year 2009-10. The grant is subject to the condition that the federations will furnish audit statement of accounts for the year 2009-10 after close of current financial year.

In a press statement the spoke person in the PSB confirmed that the Sports Board has released 3rd Quarter Grant of 25 federations. The grant for the year 2009-10 is released only to those federations that have timely furnished the audit statement for the year 2008-09. The grant released to those federations who have already furnished. The breakup of the grants is given below: -

1.        RS.577,125/- to Pakistan Kabaddi Federation

2.        Rs.240,000 to Pakistan Golf Federation

3.        Rs.300,000/- to Pakistan Swimming Federation

4.        Rs.210,000/- to Pakistan Table Tennis Federation

5.        Rs.300,000/- to Pakistan Weightlifting Federation

6.        Rs.210,000/- to Pakistan Judo Federation

7.        Rs.60,000/- to Alpine Club of Pakistan

8.        Rs.450,000/- to Pakistan Volleyball Federation

9.         Rs.300,000/- to Pakistan Wrestling Federation

10.       Rs.180,000/- to Pakistan Billards Snooker Association

11.       Rs.450,000/- to National Rifle Association of Pakistan

12.       Rs.600,000/- to Pakistan Boxing Federation

13.       Rs.600,000/- to Pakistan Squash Federation

14.       Rs.641,250/- to Pakistan Karate Federation

15.       Rs.641,250/- to Pakistan Badminton Federation

16.       Rs.150,000/- to Pakistan Cycling Federation

17.       Rs.240,000/- to Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation

18.       Rs.120,000/- to Pakistan Sailing Centre

19.       Rs.150,000/- to Pakistan Amateur Basketball Federation

20.       Rs.60,000/- to Pakistan Polo Association

21.       Rs.60,000/- to Equestrian Federation of Pakistan

22.       Rs.60,000/- to Pakistan Netball Federation

23.       Rs.448,875/- to Pakistan Wushu Federation

24.       Rs.384,750/- to Pakistan Amateur Handball Federation

25.       Rs.769,000/- to Pakistan Tennis Federation

Faik Ali Chachar
Director (PR & MM)
Pakistan Sports Board