Press Release


Islamabad: August 18, 2015: Pakistan Olympic Association informed Pakistan Sports Board vide email dated 13th July 2015 that the 12th edition of the South Asian Games is likely to be held from 10-20 January 2016 at Guwahati & Shillong, India.

In order to train the Pakistan Sports teams, Pakistan Sports Board asked vide letter dated 14th July 2015 the concerned National Sports Federations to establish the National Training Camps and intimate the date of the commencement, venues and strength of the Camp Trainees along with names of the Camp Trainees.

Accordingly, the following National Training Camps have been established and the Camp Trainees are undergoing training:-

Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad  
1 Wrestling  
2 Wushu  
3 Athletics  
4 Weightlifting  
5 Handball  
6 Taewondo  
7 Table Tennis (to be started today)  
PSB Coaching Centre, Karachi  
8 Boxing  
PSB Coaching Centre, Lahore  
9 Cycling  
10 Karate  
11 Ju-Jitsu  
PSB Coaching Centre, Peshawar  
12 Judo  

The remaining Federations i.e. Badminton, Kabaddi and Squash will establish the Camps in near future.

Syed Habib Shah,
Deputy Director General,
Pakistan Sports Board