Press Release

Future Plan of Pakistan Boxing Team

Islamabad 15th September, 2011: To discuss the future Training Plan of Pakistan Boxing team, a meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Dr. M. Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera, Director General (Technical), PSB with Mr. Muhammad Akram Khan, Honorary Secretary, Pakistan Boxing Federation.  The meeting was also attended by Mr. Muhammad Yousuf, Director (Trg), PSB.

The following points were discussed: -

a. Training of Under-16 Junior Players

It was agreed that two months Training Camp for Under-16 Boxers in all the PSB Coaching Centres at Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar & Quetta will be organized. After the Junior Training Camps, a Ranking Tournament will be held to select the players for further training. PSB will provide free boarding/lodging and playing facilities.

b. Training of Elite Athletes for Olympics 2012

It was decided that Pakistani Boxers will participate in Qualifying Tournaments i.e. World Boxing Tournament at Baku, Azerbaijan from 25th September to 8th October, 2011 and Qualifying Tournament at Almighty, Kazakhstan in March, 2012. Three Joint Training Camps will be organized at Islamabad in which 3/4 foreign teams will be invited and PSB will provide free boarding/lodging, security and playing facilities.

c. 2016 Olympic Games

It was agreed by the PSB and Pakistan Boxing Federation to focus for training of junior players for 2016 Olympic Games.

d. Foreign Coaches

It was agreed that the services of a Cuban Boxing Coach will be acquired. The foreign coach will also conduct coaching courses to update of the knowledge of the local coaches.

Muhammad Yousuf
Director (Training)
Pakistan Sports Board