Press Release

Clarification regarding National Sports Policy 2005, PSB Rules 1981 & Concerns of IOC and OC

Islamabad, 15th July, 2012: Pakistan Sports Board clarifies the position regarding National Sports Policy 2005, PSB Rules 1981 and concerns of International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Council of Asia (OCA).

The IOC/OCA has shown two concerns: i) on two term tenure restriction of National Sports Policy 2005 and ii) on two sections of Pakistan sports Board Rules, 1981. Regarding tenure restriction, the IOC / OCA have accepted that it was the internal matter and should be settled between the Federal Government, Pakistan Sports Board and The Federation/Associations through dialogue. The stance of IOC and OCA reads, *“As far as the tenure restrictions for the office bearers are specifically concerned, these are not against any provision/clause of the IOC charter; the IOC and OCA have no reservation to their implementation. The IOC and OCA understand that these issues are internal matters and should be settled between the Federal Government, Pakistan Sports Board and the Federations/Associations through dialogue. In order to move forward in a satisfactory manner for all parties, the IOC and OCA propose that a free and open dialogue and consultation take place at national level between all parties involved. The forum for discussion and dialogue may be initiated by the Pakistan Sports Board provided that the POA and each one of the National Sports Federations are invited and included in the discussion.”

In this regard, PSB has already held two special meetings of the Executive Committee of the Board on 18th May and 5th of July, 2012. In the last meeting, all Federations/Associations including POA have participated. The Federations/Associations present in the meeting were briefed about the concern raised by IOC/OCA. They were also updated on the provisions of National Sports Policy 2005 in the light of the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The Discussions/deliberations were held in congenial atmosphere. While wrapping up the discussion, the Federations were asked to find out a way forward which is in consonance with IOC Charter and conforms to the laws of the land. Federations were also urged to implement the same within two months.

The other concern of IOC/OCA, about two Para viz 4 (ii-a) and Para 4(11) of Pakistan Sports Board Rules, 1981, which according to them constitute an interference from the Government Authority with the autonomy of National Sports Federations/Association, has also been addressed by the Government of Pakistan. In this regards, the Pakistan Sports Board had constituted a 4-member committee to review these paras and align them with the principles of IOC Charter within 15 days.

The above position has been communicated to the IOC/OCA vide Ministry’s D.O. No. 5-10/2011-12 dated July 13, 2012.

n the light of above clarification, the conclusion that can safely be drawn does not match with the reflections given in the news item published in some papers.

Muhammad Shahid
Director (PR&MM),
Pakistan Sports Board,