Press Release

Honorable Minister for Sports Pir Aftab Hussan Shah Jilani's Meeting with PBSA Officials

An Iftar / Dinner meeting was held on Friday, 11 September 2009 at the Karachi Club with the Honourable Federal Minister for Sports, Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jilani and the PBSA Officials namely; Mr. Ali Asghar Valika (Chairman), Mr. Alamgir A. Shaikh (President), Mr. Jawed H. Karim (Vice President) and Mr. Munawwar Hussain Shaikh (Hon. Secretary).

The following matters were discussed at length in the closed door meeting in a very cordial manner:-

ANNUAL GRANT: The Minister was appraised of the fact that the Annual Grant of the PBSA was Rs. 600,00/- which was insufficient for the association to meet its Domestic and International commitments for the promotion of the game. The Minister assured the PBSA that he will use his good offices to increase the Annual Grant of PBSA.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE (50%) FOR NATIONAL SNOOKER EVENTS: The Minister assured the PBSA that the amount already sanctioned by the Sports Ministry to the PBSA would be granted as per commitment and would be released in due course soon.

SPECIAL GRANT FOR PARTICIPATION OF PAKISTAN SNOOKER TEAM IN INTERNATIONAL EVENTS: Furthermore, the Minister also assured the PBSA full financial support towards the participation the Pakistan Snooker Team in International competitions including the forthcoming IBSF World Snooker Championship in India.

3RD ASIAN INDOOR GAMES, HANOI, VIETNAM: The PBSA Officials discussed the participation of the Pakistan Snooker Team in the event and explain to the Minister that the Pakistan had a very good chance of winning Medals in Snooker. The Minister assured the PBSA that the Government inspite of financial constraints was making every effort to participate in the above games and work is already in the pipeline to short list the contingents their by making Pakistan’s participation possible. The PBSA agreed to the proposal and would only send its team to participate in Snooker.

PROPOSED SNOOKER & POOL HALL IN THE PSB COMPLEX IN KARACHI: The proposed hall which is being built at the PSB Complex in Karachi for the Snooker Academy. The Minister was confident that the Snooker Hall should be ready to be handed over to the PBSA by the first quarter of 2010. The PBSA has proposed to install at least four Snooker Tables plus a couple of Pool Tables in that Complex.

COACHING FACILITIES: The PBSA officials discussed at length the above subject matter with the Minister and suggested that proper coaching facility is imperative to improve the game within the country which in result the PBSA shall be able to obtain the desirable results in future tournaments locally as well as in International competitions. The PBSA also requested for the financial support for hiring coaches from India and Thailand. PBSA shall be sending a comprehensive proposal in this regard for due consideration by the Ministry.

PAKISTAN TO HOST THE EVENTS IN APRIL 2010 AT KARACHI ASIAN UNDER 21 SNOOKER CHAMPIONSHIP & ASIAN BILLIARDS CHAMPIONSHIP – 2010 : The PBSA informed the Minister that the Asian Confederation of Billiards Sports (ACBS) has awarded Pakistan to host the above two events in April 2010. As the ACBS consists of 32 member countries and approximately 16 Asian countries are expected to participate in the above two events. The PBSA assured the Minister that the above prestigious events will be held in Pakistan in a befitting manner and the PBSA has already started preparations to hold the events and was willing to share the cost of staging these events such as the Prize Money / Importation of New Tables & Accessories while the Government should give financial assistance to the tune of Rs.3.00 Million to stage these events successfully and to meet the desired standards to hold the above events in Pakistan. The Minister was appreciative of the efforts put by the PBSA in bringing these International Events to Pakistan and assured full government support in this regard.

The meeting ended on a positive note.