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Supreme Court of Pakisan has granted leave-to-appeal in separate petitions...

Islamabad 14th April, 2011: Supreme Court of Pakistan has granted leave-to-appeal in separate petitions filed against the judgment of Lahore High Court by Director General Pakistan Sports Board Syed Amir Hamza Gilani regarding the tenure restriction contained in the National Sports Policy.

The office bearers of National Sports Federations namely Athletics, Cycling, Gymnastic, Handball and Volleyball have been running the affairs of the Federations against the National Sports Policy and challenged the tenure restriction clause of the policy in the Lahore High Court.  The Lahore High Court declared this clause as null and void against which Pakistan Sports Board filed petitions in the Supreme Court.

The tenure restriction clause of the National Sports Policy states that:

“President, Honorary Secretary and the Treasurer will be allowed a maximum of two tenures, in any office of the Federation or Association, after which they will become ineligible for holding the same posts of that particular Federation or Association. However, they will be allowed to contest for the next higher Post/Association at any time”

PRO to Minister for Sports