Press Release


Lecture on development of mental strength

Islamabad: June 11, 2014, Under the instructions of Director General, Pakistan Sports Board, Dr. M. Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera, a lecture on development of mental strength was organised at Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad. All hockey players, coaches alongwith chief coach Mr. Shenaz Sheikh attended the lecture. Syed Habib Shah, Senior Instructor (Academics) delivered a research based lecture sharing his knowledge with the audience  exhibiting that for optimum performance of a player, development of mental strength is as important as physical strength.

After the lecture, a Question & Answers Session was held where Syed Habib Shah answered questions asked by players and coaches. In the end, chief coach Mr. Shenaz Sheikh thanked DG, PSB for organizing such a needed and valuable lecture.


Syed Aimal Shah
Director (PR& MM)
Pakistan Sports Board