Press Release

Federal Minister Directs PSB to Seek Clarification from AFP

Islamabad 10th September, 2009:  The Federal Minister for sports, Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jilani, has taken a serious notice of reports of Athletics Federation of Pakistan (AFP) allegedly holding illegal election on Sept 13 and directed Pakistan Sports Board to seek clarification from the AFP and further express that no violation of the constitution of federation or provision to the sports policy shall be acceptable.

Talking to the media Mr. Jilani took strong exception to the media report of AFP holding the elections in violation of national sports policy. The Minister said “This is awfully serious matter that I have learnt. I disapprove AFP’s move to discreetly hold elections without prior notice to the PSB intimating agenda points of Annual General Council Meeting (AGC) of AFP for the year 2009-2010”. He said “We will not tolerate any irregularity of this type and disciplinary action shall be taken against the federation.”

The Pakistan Sports Board has written letter to AFP seeking clarification for not informing the PSB with agenda points of AGC meeting to be held on Sept 13, 2009 at a local hotel Lahore which is tantamount to the subversion of Federation’s constitution.

“It is constitutionally incumbent on AFP to intimate PSB which is clearly enjoined in constitution available with the Board that the Secretary shall give not less than 15 days notice of the meeting to all members and shall circulate a copy of the agenda along with the audit statement of accounts and as per procedure in vogue a copy of the same is endorsed to PSB and POA for nomination of representative as observers” said the spokesperson of PSB.

He said the Board shall be compelled to take disciplinary action as per provision of article 4 (xi) of the Constitution of PSB in case the response is not received from the federation immediately.

Faik Ali Chachar
Director (PR & MM)
Pakistan Sports Board