Press Release

Press Release - 10th June, 2013

Islamabad, 10th June, 2013: Members of some Sports Federations/Associations are issuing false and fabricated statements alleging that PSB is instigating the persons having vested interest to from the parallel Sports Federations/Associations by imposing adhoc on their Federations. It was stated by DG PSB Syed Amir Hamza Gillani while talking to media men in his office on Monday June 10th 2013; out rightly rejecting such statements that PSB is contemplating to impose adhoc on various Sports Federations/Associations. PSB is only performing according to its constitution as well as implementing the Government, policies and complying with Supreme Court judgment.

He regretted that some sports Federations/Associations are all out to destroy sports culture in the country by manipulation to drag PSB to un-warrant controversies to suit their own goals. Pointing out some news items published in media, DG reiterated that PSB never indulge in any foul play and has never ever extended its illegal support to any of the National Sports Federation/Association etc, in any controversial way. PSB believes in creating healthy environment and promoting the sports culture in the country.

Amir Hamza said that PSB has no foes or friends and believes in work according to its mandate provided under the law of the land. PSB cannot be dictated by any of the Federation/Organisation etc. Promotion of the sports in the country is our prime mission, objective and destination. To achieve this goal PSB is performing its duties with full loyalty, devotion and dedication. .

Muhammad Shahid
Director (PR&MM),
Pakistan Sports Board,