Press Release

Minister of State for IPC visited Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad

Islamabad, 09th May, 2012: Malik Azmat Khan, Minister of State for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) visited Pakistan Sports Complex today. Syed Amir Hamza Gilani, Director General, PSB and Dr. M. Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera, Director General (Technical), PSB briefed him on the operational activities of the Pakistan Sports Board.

Mr. Abdul Ghafar Khan, Joint Secretary (Sports), Ministry of IPC highlighted the role of Ministry of IPC as a regulatory body for promotion and development of sports in the country. The Minister of State for IPC appreciated the efforts being made by both the Ministry of IPC and Pakistan Sports Board for the promotion of sports in the country.

The Minister of State for IPC stressed the importance and significance of sports development for health, peace, national harmony and progress in the society – a vision cherished by the present democratic government. The Ministry’s resolve is to further the endurance of this vision and to translate it into reality by involving all the stakeholders in public sector and entire society. He emphasized to hold a conference of stakeholders including provincial governments for development of sports across the country.

He also held a debriefing on the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on upholding the National Sports Policy and pledged to implement the decision of the Supreme Court in letter and spirit.

Mr. Zafrullah Siddique, Joint Secretary (Development), IPC, Mr. Abu Zafar Sadiq, Deputy Secretary (Sports), IPC and Mr. Muhammad Azam Dar, Director(NF), PSB were also present in the briefing.

Muhammad Shahid
Director (PR&MM),
Pakistan Sports Board,