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Judgement of Supreme Court regarding tenure restrictions

Islamabad 8th May, 2012: Pakistan Sports Board has been implementing the National Sports Policy 2005. Some federations had challenged the clauses relating to tenure restrictions contained in the policy by filing writ petitions in the Lahore High Court. The Honourable Court allowed the petitions and declared the tenure restrictions clause unconstitutional. PSB challenged the decision of the Lahore High Court in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The Civil Petition for Leave to Appeal (CPLA) was filed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan on 7th January 2011.

The Leave granting order was passed on 14-4-2011. Appeals were filed on 16-5-2011. The hearings were held on 16-5-2011, 21-12-2011, 12-3-2012 and 6-4-2012. The Court after hearing the arguments on the said petitions, the Court passed the short order today, thereby setting aside the judgment of the Lahore High Court and allowed the appeals of Pakistan Sports Board and thereby upheld the clauses of National Sports Policy 2005 regarding tenure restrictions. As a result of the Supreme Court Decision all the office bearers of the Sports Bodies enjoying 3rd terms stood dismissed with immediate effect.

The relevant clause is as under: -

Tenure restriction of office bearers


One tenure of any member of Federation or Association will be of four years only.


President, Honorary Secretary and the Treasurer will be allowed a maximum of two tenures, in any office of the Federation or Association, after which they will become ineligible for holding the same posts of that particular Federation or Association. However, they will be allowed to contest for next higher Post/Association at any time.


Tenure restrictions will not be applicable on the office-bearers of the Federations holding posts of President or Secretary of World/Asian Federation.


An office bearer of one Federations or Association, except the representative of departments, will not be allowed to be a member of any other Federations or Associations within the country. He will however be allowed to hold office in International Federations or Associations without any bar.

Muhammad Azam Dar
Director (NF)
Pakistan Sports Board
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