Press Release

Apropos news item "wrestlers denied participation
owing to PSB Goof-up”

Islamabad 04th August, 2011: Apropos news item appearing in the Daily Dawn titled “wrestlers denied participation owing to PSB Goof-up” dated 3rd August 2011.

It is not correct that poor coordination and planning by the Pakistan Sports Board denied the National Wrestlers a chance to participate in the Commonwealth Wrestling Championship scheduled in Melbourne, Australia this week. As per standard procedure, every sports federation is required to submit a complete case and PSB processes the proposal thereafter with the Ministry. Pakistan Wrestling Federation approached PSB on 7th June 2011 for issuance of Government NOC. Pakistan Sports Board submitted the case to the Ministry of Sports on 14th June 2011. The Ministry of Sports returned the case to PSB as the event was scheduled in the next financial year.

After the devolution of the Ministry of Sports on 30th June 2011, Pakistan Sports Board referred the case to Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination on July 12, 2011 which issued NOC on 18th July 2011. This was conveyed to the federation on the same day. It is quite clear that there was no delay whatsoever on the part of Pakistan Sports Board or Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination.

The team could not proceed to Australia due to non issuance of visa by the Australian High Commission in Islamabad. The Australian High Commission had sought evidence of funds for the team and officials traveling to Australia. The federation approached Pakistan Sports Board on July 29, 2011 to provide the guarantee for provision of funds. It is the responsibility of a federation to provide assurance to the concerned diplomatic mission regarding funding arrangements and PSB gives special grant only after the approval of its budget by the Executive Committee. Due to the winding-up of the Ministry of Sports, PSB has not received the first quarter of the grant from the Government so far and without any information on availability of funds and prior approval of the Executive Committee, no commitment could be made with the federation.


Gulshad Khan
Director Media
Pakistan Sports Board