Press Release

Contingency Security Plan for Pakistan Sports Complex

Islamabad: February 04, 2015: A meeting in connection with contingency security plan for Pakistan Sports Complex was held in the conference hall of PSC. The meeting was chair by Muhammad Ejaz Chudary, Federal Secretary IPC. The meeting was also attended by Dr. Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera, Director General Pakistan Sports Board, Joint Secretary IPC, Deputy Secretary IPC, DDGs and Officer of the Boards. The detail contingency security plan of Pakistan Sports Complex Islamabad was discussed in detail and the following decisions were taken in the meeting:-

Pakistan Sports Board will contact various “Security Agencies” of Islamabad to discuss various modalities for engagement of security guards for the security of the sports complex.
For urgent arrangement 10 security guards, ex army man having experience in security shall be engaged for the security of the complex.
Training plan for civil defence and fool proof security shall be arranged by Pakistan Sports Board. All security staff, officers of the board and concerned staff may attend the training.
A long term security plan which includes arrangements of security staff, security cameras, security checking, weapons for security guards and licence etc. will be formulated by Pakistan Sports Board and after completion of all codal formalities the arrangement will be made.     

Director (PR& MM)
Pakistan Sports Board