First Cadet Under-16 Karate Championship

First Cadet Under-16 Karate Championship commenced at Sports Complex Islamabad on 5th March, 2011. Director General Pakistan Sports Board Syed Amir Hamza Gillani inaugurated the championship and distributed the medals among the winners on the first day of the competition.

In his address to the participants, Mr. Gillani said that our youth have immense potential to win at the international level and it is the need of the hour to provide them the competitive environment by organizing such championships at the grass root level. This will instill in them the confidence and discipline that is necessary for the making of a great champion. The organization of such event mainly aims at pursuing a talent-hunt program which will create a large pool of emerging athletes.

Mr. Gillani urged on the federations to promote and develop the respective games in the country. He said that the sports policy requires the national federations to organize national senior as well as national junior and youth championships. However, due to lack of interest and commitment some sports federations are not playing their required role which has resulted in the deterioration of sports standards in Pakistan. He appreciated the performance of Karate Federation which is following the national sports calendar and promoting the game across the country.

He said that Pakistan possess qualitative potential in Karate and has secured many medals in international mega events. He said that females are also increasingly taking part in this martial game and Sara Nasir’s (Gold Medalist of 11th SAG) performance is clear testimony of this fact. He urged on young girls to make Sara Nasir their role-model in the achievement of their ultimate goal.