1st National Anti-Doping Seminar

The Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) organized the 1st National Anti-Doping Seminar held at Margalla Motel, Islamabad on 17th June, 2010 to spread awareness amongst the National Sports Federations’ officials about the negative affect of doping. The Federal Secretary Sports Anisul Hussain Musavi was the Chief Guest at the opening session. In his opening address, he also called on adopting strict measures against drug. “Sports teach us the spirit of fair play. Use of drugs to improve the performance is unjust on those who work hard and use legal means to excel.”

Dr. Waqar Ahmed, Deputy Director General(R&T), PSB and the Chairman, Anti-Doping Organization of Pakistan said that it was up to the games’ governing bodies to make sure that their sports is doping free. It is the responsibilities of the respective bodies to keep their athletes update about the hazardous affects of the banned drugs. The World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) has come up very hard on recent breeches and wanted more strict measures by the respective signatories to avoid future complications.
Dr. Meesaq Rizvi from Lahore, Dr. Pervaiz Rizvi from Karachi and Dr. Lubna from Islamabad delivered fruitful lectures.

The Federal Minister for Sports Mir Aijaz Hussain Jakhrani, who was the Chief Guest at the concluding session. He promised an all out efforts to discourage this growing trend among the youth. We have taken concrete measures to check this trend and with the help of federations, we would do everything to further discourage those who are inclined towards doping.

The Chief Guest distributed souvenirs among the speakers at the end session. The Director General PSB Amir Hamza Gillani also presented shield to the Chief Guest.