Frequently Asked Questions


What is procedure for getting membership of sports facilities?

Applicant will have to submit Membership Form after duly filled to the Facilities Wing of PSB. Membership Form is available at PSB's Website in download option.

What are the charges for membership of each sports facility?

Membership charges of each sports facility are available at PSB's Website in sports facilities option.

What are rules regarding membership?

Rules of membership of sports facilities are written on the back side of membership form.

How to reserve the venue/sports facility for competition purposes?

The concerned organisation/department will consult the Facilities Wing to check the availability of the required sports facility before submitting the request letter in the name of Director General, PSB.

What are charges of each sports facility?

The details of charges of each sports facility is available at PSB's Website in sports facilities option..

What is mode of payment for membership and to reserve the sports facility?

Mode of payment regarding booking of sports facilities will be in shape of Bank Draft. However, membership charges are desposited in cash with official of Finance Wing of PSB.

What is eligibility criteria for membership of sports facilities?

Pakistani and Foreigner/Diplomat are eligible to get membership of sports facilities. However, Foreigner/Diplomatswill have to submit NOC from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other security agencies as mentioned in the membership form. Membership will be provided keeping in view the strength of the members already availing the facility.

To whom one should contact regarding membership and reservation of sports facilities at PSB(HQ).

The following officers may be contacted for the said purpopse:-

i)      Deputy Director General (Facilities)       -        Tel: 051-9249037
ii)     Assistant Director (Swimming Pools)       -       Tel: 051-9249035


Affiliation of Sports Federations

What is criteria of affiliation of various Sports Federations with Pakistan Sports Board?

It is the prerogative of the Executive Committee of PSB to grant affiliation to National Sports Federation. Applying for affiliation with PSB the national sports federation must fulfill the criteria for affiliation with Pakistan Sports Board approved by the Executive Committee of PSB in its 81st meeting held on 18th September, 2015. The Executive Committee of Pakistan Sports Board grants affiliation to a Federation fulfilling the following criteria:-


The National Sports Federation must be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.


The Constitution of the Federation and elections of its office bearers should be in line with National Sports Policy, 2005.


The Federation with its office bearers must be affiliated with NOC Pakistan recognized by IOC and its respective International and Asian Federation.


The Federation should organize National Championships every year including female wherever applicable. PSB released the annual grant to the federation primarily to meet this objective.


The Federation should submit a calendar of its annual activities latest by the end of first month of new financial year i.e. July, 31 each year.


The Federation shall have to render adjustment accounts duly supported by vouchers for the grants released to it.


Audit of the accounts relating to government grants as well as funds raised in the name of the federation shall be conducted by the Directorate General Audit, Federal Audit; in addition to commercial audit.


The Federation shall be under obligation to follow government financial management system and all procurements shall be made on competitive basis in accordance with international practices.


The Federation should have formulated a specific standard for selection of sportspersons for camp training and participation, in the mega international events.


An undertaking to follow the Government Rules in order to get affiliation with PSB.

Government clearance/NOC

What is the procedure for obtaininng Government NOC for visit of National Sports team abroad?

PSB has 39 affiliated National Sports Federations (NSFs) which are responsible for promotion of their respective sports in the country. All the National Sports Federations will submit complete proposal on PSB prescribed proforma alongwith invitation, computer clearance proforma, Departmental NOC in respect of Government servants/Armed Forces personnel and Surety Bonds for arranging NOC, at least four weeks before the departure of the Pakistan team/arrival of the foreign team. The following are pre-requisite for obtaining government clearance/NOC for participation of Pakistan Sports team abroad:-


Copy of invitation 


PSB Prescribed Proforma  


Six copies of Computer Clearance Proforma in respect of each player. 


Surety Bond Rs.1.00 million for each player. 


Departmental NOC in case of government servants. 


Undetaking by President/Vice President and Honorary Secretary of the Federation.

Financial AssistanceThe above proforma's are available in PSB's website in download option.

What is the procedure for incoming Foreign sports teams?

The National Sports Federations will submit complete proposal on PSB proforma alongwith the participation of names of countries and computer clearance proforma in respect of foreign players and officials.

What is the procedure of financial assistance to ex-international players out of Pakistan Sports Foundation Relief Fund?

A scheme titled "Pakistan Culture, Arts & Sports Foundation" was establihsed under the provisions of Charitable Endowment Act, 1890, by the Erstwhile Ministry of Culture and Sports during February 1991 to provide financial assistance to Artists, Artisans and Sportspersons and their dependents in case of death, permanent disability, serious illness as well as scholarships for educational purposes. The Scheme was established with an endowment fund of Rs.30.000 million provided by the Federal Goverment.

After bifurcation of the Erstwhile Ministry of Culture & Sports and Ministry of Sports in April 2006. The (defunct) Ministry of Sports notified a separate Pakistan Sports Foundation Relief Fund in August, 2007, with a view to provide financial assistance to sportspersons, exclusively.

The rules of Pakistan Sports Foundation Relief Fund were framed during 2007 by the then Ministry of Sports and notified vide S.R.O. 941(1)2007 on 13th August 2007. The criteria/eligibility for the financial assistance to the beneficiaries given in rule 2 (b) is reporduced below:-
"The sportspersons of a recognized professional level of excellence".

A prescribed proforma for applying this assistance is available in PSB's website in download option.