Islamic Countries Women Games

History of the Games

The first Islamic Countries' Sports Solidarity Congress for Women was initially held on October 1991 in Tehran with participation of invited representatives from 20 Islamic Countries.

This congress was inaugurated by President Hashemi Rafsanjani's opening address in offer to preliminarily study the true status of Women Sports in the Islamic Countries and to set up a suitable framework for their sportive competitions according to principles and concepts of Islam.

In the second congress, organization of the first Islamic Countries' Sport Solidarity Games for Women as well as the relevant events were discussed by the representatives of seven Islamic Countries.

Finally, the Third Congress which was held on October 20-21, 1992, approved the organization of the Islamic Countries' Women Sport Solidarity Council and its different committees and at the same gathering, the Executive Board members were elected.

The outcome of these three congresses, was the planning of a full and comprehensive program for Islamic Countries' Women Sports Solidarity Games which its first edition was successfully held in February 1993.

Edition of the Games