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Hony. Lt. Muhammad Younis

Hony. Lt. Muhammad Younis has been the most outstanding Pakistani Athlete of is time. He has represented Pakistan in more then 13 national and international athletics championships. Only if Gold Medals were counted, Mr. Younis has the destination of winning 14 Gold Medals which is a rare phenomena in the history of Pakistan 's Athletics. Only in 1971, he won 6 Gold Medals in 800 and 1500 metres at Peking , Shanghai and Canton . In the Asian Games held at Bangkok in 1970, Mr. Younis won a Silver Medal in 1500 metres. He has been the sheet anchor of Pakistan athletics and currently holds National records for 1500 and 5000 metres.

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Mr. Ghulam Abbas

Mr. Ghulam Abbas who is the most outstanding athlete of Pakistan was born on March 19, 1966 at Harrappa, Tehsil & Distt. Sahiwal. 

He is present National Champion and record holder in 400 Metre Hurdles. He was a member of Pakistani Athletic team which visited West Germany in 1988 for training purpose. He was also a member of Pakistan Athletic team which participated in International Athletic Meet held at Tehran in 1989. 

He was instrumental in projecting the image of Pakistan by winning two gold medals one each in 110 Metre Hurdles/400 Metre Hurdles and created new SAF record during the 4 th SAF Games organized at Islamabad in 1989.

His greatest achievement to put Pakistani Athletic on the International map when he won the coveted gold medal in 400 Metre Hurdles during the XI Asian Games held in Beijing (China) during 1990. It was after 16 years that Pakistan has won a gold medal in Athletics in Asian Games.

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Mr. Ghulam Noorani Khan

Mr. Ghulam Noorani Khan, appeared on the National Athletics scene in 1974 when he became the National Champion in Hammer Throw. He retained this coveted Title till 1981. 

He represented Pakistan in International Athletic Meet held at Malaysia, 1977, Singapore International Athletic Meet - 1978 and Pak - China Duel Meet held at Beijing, China, 1978 and won Gold Medals. 

In 1st Islamic Games held at Izmir, Turkey in 1980, Mr. Ghulam Noorani Khan won a Bronze Medal. In 7th Asian Veterans Athletic Meet held at Singapore - 1992, he won Gold Medal with a new record and was instrumental in projecting the image of Pakistan on International planes.

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Miss Shabana Akhtar

Miss Shabana Akhtar appeared on the National Athletics scene in 1989 when she became the National champion in 100M and 200M. She retained this coveted title uptil now. She also became the National Champion in 4x100M Relay, 4x400 Relay, 400M, Long Jump and High Jump during 1992 and maintaining her record even today. She won a total number of 42 Gold Medals.

She has the honour to represent Pakistan in a number of International Events such s 4 th SAF Games - 1989 (Pakistan), 5 th SAF Games - 1991 (Sri Lanka), International Athletic Meet in 1992 (Sri Lanka), 1 st Islamic Countries Women Games - 1993 (Iran), World Athletic Championship 1993 (Germany), World Athletic Championships - 1995 (Sweden) and in Track & Field Championship - 1995 held in Indonesia.

She also represented Pakistan in 6 th SAF Games and 7 th SAF Games held in Bangladesh and India in 1993 and 1995 respectively where she got Gold Medals in Long Jump and created a new SAF Games record with a leap of 6.31M in India.

She is FIRST Pakistani female athlete who participated in Atlanta Olympics 1996. She participated in Women International Games held in Islamabad - Pakistan in 1996 and won 4 Gold Medals with a new record in 100M and 200M. 

She performed creditably in the recently concluded 2 nd Islamic Countries Women Sports Solidarity Games held in Tehran (Iran) from 10 th to 20 th December 1997. She won 2 Gold Medals in Long Jump and 4x200M Relay Race.

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