1.          Pakistan Sports Board intends to design, provide and install the pool water heater for practice Swimming Pool (covered / indoor) measuring 50.00 M x 21.00 M having maximum depth of 1.6 M; to be fit in the existing piping arrangement. The Pool water heater should have fixing rate of 3500000 BTU per hour and gross output of 2800000 BTU per hour (84 HP). In addition, provision of heat exchanger, expansion tank, heat exchanger circulation pump, Gate valves, check valves, discharge pressure gauge and suction strainer of requisite size and strength to bear the load would be provided. Pool water heater should be capable to produce water temperature upto 30° C.

2.         Interesting firms are requested to submit their expression of interest but after physical inspection at site. These firms will prepare design for provision of pool water heater in a way that the heater is properly fitted with existing piping network. Further details can be obtained if required, from given address and telephone number. The scope of work includes:

a.   Study of existing water supply and pool heating system.

b.   Feasibility for new water heating system, its installation at existing       arrangement.

c.   Submitting details of product i.e. pool water heater.

d.   Procedure for designing, providing and installation of pool water heater.

e.  Technical proposals alongwith financial proposals in separate sealed cover.

f.   To make presentation to various forums at no additional charges if and when      required.

g.  To carry out any alteration or modification if so desired by the competent forum       with no additional charges.

3.          The interesting Firm/Consultants/Contractors, who have completed the works, similar in nature are requested to submit following information alongwith application so as to reach the Pakistan Sports Board, Kashmir Highway, Islamabad on or before 26th December 2011 late 1200 noon. No payment for submitting the proposal / quotation would be made.


Name, Address, Telephone & Fax Nos. of firm.


Date of establishment of the firm.


Registration with PCATP/PEC or other governmental bodies.


List of similar nature works already completed with the name of client, executing agency, job values and time of completion alongwith the completion certificate from client or consultants.


List of works in hand with all information as in (d) above with date of start and expected date of completion.


Work plan


List of staff to be employed for this work.


Details of plants, machinery etc.


List with photocopies of enlistment with any private, semi Government and Government Organizations.


List of cases of arbitration / litigation into by the Firm, if any.


Certificate regarding financial stability.


Abstract of cost.


Warranty period of the product.

4.            Director General, Pakistan Sports Board, Islamabad, reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals without assigning any reason. No proposal will be accepted after expiry of due date.


(Sabir Hussain Malik)
Executive Engineer (Civil)
Pakistan Sports Board,
Kashmir Highway , Aabpara,
Ph: 051-9201521