You Mr. Abdullah Shah, LDC, PSB is absent from duty since 01-02-2018 without any intimation and prior approval. A Show Cause Notice dated 17-09-2018 was served to you at your home address in which you were directed to submit reply/explanation within 07-days i.e. upto 24-09-2018 positively. You submitted your reply to the Show Cause Notice on 24-09-2018 and again absconded from duty.

2.                A final Show Cause Notice dated 9th March, 2019 was served to you in which you were again directed to submit your reply/explanation within seven days upto 15th March, 2019 but you neither reported for duty nor responded. Its shows that you are not interested in the job.

3.                You Syed Abdullah Shah, LDC, PSB are hereby directed through this notice to report for duty within 15-days of publishing this notice, falling which ex-parte action will be initiated against you and you will be removed from service as per rules.


Agha Amjadullah
Dy. Director General (Facilities)