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Welcome to Pakistan Sports Board

Pakistan Sports Board was established under the Ministry of Education through the Sports (Development and Control) Ordinance, 1962 as a corporate body for the purposes of promoting and developing uniform standards of competition in sports in Pakistan comparable to the standards prevailing internationally, and regulating and controlling sports in Pakistan on a national basis.

Subsequently, in July, 1977 with the creation of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the administrative control of the Pakistan Sports Board was transferred to it.

After the devolution of the Ministry of Sports in June, 2011, the administrative control of the Pakistan Sports Board has transferred to Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination.

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The awards conferred by the Government of Pakistan on Pakistani Sportsperson/ organizers in recognition of their distinguished merit in the field of sports.

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  Sports Policy

The policy aims at promotion of sports at grass root level, enhancing public affiliation with the teams, ensuring all tournaments originate from inter-club level and culminate at the national level.                   
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